About Us

                                  PROJECT TEAM

Jaron Porciello

Cornell University

Stefan Einarson

Cornell University

Ed Mabaya

Cornell University 

Sam Coggins

Australian National University

Gabriella Otunba-Payne

Cornell University

Maryia Ivanina

EPAM Services and Belarusian State University

Mikalai Povarau

EPAM Services

Maidul Islam

Cornell University


We are guided by a group of experts from global agencies and organizations in agriculture and development. The advisory board is engaged to help ensure the analysis remains relevant and accessible to a broad community of stakeholders.

Richard Caldwell, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dan Haglund, FCDO 

Brian King, CGIAR
Alana McGinty, Digital Frontiers
Jonathan Mockshell, CGIAR
Farzana Ramzan, USAID
Hannah Reed, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Parmesh Shah, World Bank
Meredith Soule, USAID
Araba Sapara-Grant, Digital Frontiers
Revi Sterling, Women Connect
Desiree Winges, GIZ
Josh Woodard, USAID
Meng Zeng, FAO